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If you are new to Dansville Animal Hospital, this page is designed to be your resource for getting acclimated to our practice. We are so excited to welcome you to our team and look forward to getting to know you and your pet.

Please click on the headers below for more information about the things you will need to know before joining the Dansville Animal Hospital team. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.


Making Your First Appointment

You have explored our website, and maybe even stopped by our hospital for a tour. Now you are ready to get started on a lifetime of veterinary care for your pet. We encourage you to contact our team to set up your first appointment. We encourage you to put aside at least an hour of your time to ensure that you will not be rushed in or out of the hospital. We also like to spend part of your pet’s first visit talking with you about what your concerns are for your pet, getting to know a little bit about their history and lifestyle, and ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible with us.


What We Need From You

It is really helpful for our veterinarians to have your pet’s medical records from their former veterinarian, this way we can fill in the gaps of their medical history and gather a complete understanding of their medical needs. We understand that sometimes the circumstances of leaving another veterinarian may be difficult, so we can always contact your previous veterinarians for you if that is easier. Please have your veterinarian send this information to us, or give us their contact information so that our team can reach out to them.


We also recommend that you bring:


What Your First Visit Will Include:

During your pet’s first visit our veterinarians will perform a complete physical check, possibly including diagnostic tests, depending on the details provided by your pet’s former veterinary records. We will also discuss all aspects of your pet’s care with you, from their diet to their lifestyle. This enables us to familiarize ourselves with you and your pet, set goals and determine needs.


We believe that open communication between our team and our clients is the most important aspects of exceptional veterinary care. We need your feedback to ensure that you are providing all of the care that your pet needs and making them feel their best.